[Webinar] Beyond the Classroom: Why Extracurricular Activities Matter

Extracurricular activities are an important component of the college admissions process, and now more than ever admissions officers are looking at applicants’ interests as part of the holistic review process.

During this webinar, our IvyWise college admissions counselors will walk you through:

  • What admissions officers are looking for when evaluating extracurricular activities
  • Why quality is more important than quantity
  • How your child can identify their interests and strategically create their own activities based on these passions

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About IvyWise:

IvyWise is the nation’s leading college admissions consultancy. In 2019, 92% of IvyWise students were accepted into one or more of their three top-choice schools.

Starting in 9th grade, every Bennett Day Upper School student is paired with an IvyWise college admissions counselor to start preparing and planning for higher education.

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