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Our project-based learning (PBL) environment is built on the idea that learning comes from a sense of purpose and a goal of accomplishment. Students at Bennett work collaboratively to design and revise projects with the very specific and tangible goal of presenting them at Demo Night. There is a definitive connection between what they learn and what they create and the accountability that comes with the presentation of the final product. In a student’s mind, there is a direct line between what they learn, what they create, and the positive feelings of accomplishment.

As I watch our Middle and Upper School students dive deep into their PBL projects each trimester, I see this play out in person; students who came to us disengaged or school agnostic have now involved themselves fully in their projects and found areas of interest. Meanwhile, many students are diving deep into the type of academic content their peers can only dream of “covering” in their AP and IB classes.

Students here at Bennett are not only thoughtful, engaged, and deep learners, but they can articulate a sense of themselves as academics and learners in a manner that few students their age can. If you’ve read any of our “Senior Spotlights,” you’ll notice a common theme: our students not only can tell you what they want to do, but more importantly, why they want to do it. That’s incredibly rare and truly wonderful.

Ultimately, it is the accomplishments that shape us and leave a lasting impact, defining who we are and what we contribute to the world. At Bennett Day, we made a conscious choice in the design of our Middle and Upper School programs to embrace accomplishment over the false virtues associated with “rigor” and “achievement.”

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Martin Moran

Martin Moran


Lead Designer of Middle and Upper School

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