To ensure that our school embodies our core values of excellence, integrity, and diversity we have established a grant program that aims to make a Bennett Day education accessible to families from all income levels.

We are committed to maintaining a community of culturally diverse students from all backgrounds, regardless of financial means. Bennett Grants are variable, based on an individual family's specific financial situation. Grant awards range from $500 to 85% of tuition expense, based on the calculated family need and circumstances, and the availability of Bennett Grant dollars in a given school year. Bennett Grant awards are given based on a myriad of considerations that may impact your day to day. This can include but is not limited to childcare costs, healthcare expenses, and household composition.

Financial aid is an ongoing commitment between the school and our families, and we anticipate that Bennett Grant awards will follow the child throughout their school career, reflective of a family’s unique circumstances. To apply for financial aid, families submit a Bennett Grant application through our third-party partner, TADS, each year (school code: 200803).

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Grant FAQs