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A school is a place for students. But a school community is much bigger, richer, and more inclusive.

Bennett Day School's Family Association is in place to foster a spirit of inclusion, partnership, and cooperation among the entire school community. Through various committees, we help to further the visions and goals of the classroom teachers and administrators. The Family Association facilitates communication and parent education as well as encourages and coordinates volunteerism. Our parents volunteer their time to make our school and surrounding neighborhood a better place.


Creates opportunities to make connections and build relationships between parents, families, and children through school programming and education.

  • Room and Advisory Coordinators
  • Winter Book Fair
  • Thought Leadership
  • Experience Feedback Coordinator
  • Library Volunteer Coordination


Provide opportunities to make connections and build relationships between parents/guardians, families, and children through non-mandatory social events throughout the year.

  • Class Social Coordinators
  • Teacher Appreciation Committee
  • Spring Social
  • Professional Networking Committee


Identify, create, and coordinate opportunities reflective of the school’s values that build partnerships within and beyond our school community, and that advance and foster contributions to the broader community.

  • Christopher House Committee
  • Community Projects Committee 
  • Parent Outreach Liason


Ongoing events and activities are built on the participation of our vibrant and talented parent/guardian population. Volunteer opportunities are open to all and are made available as one-offs or as up to 2 year terms throughout the school year. Requests for volunteers occur at Curriculum Night, May FA Meeting, and various points throughout the year.

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