Bennett is a progressive PreK-12 program that prioritizes meaningful activity in learning and participation in classroom democracy. We genuinely believe that students must be invested in what they are learning and the curriculum must be relevant to students’ lives. This is the key to keeping learners engaged.

Learning by doing and the development of life skills are crucial. Our Reggio-inspired, project-based approach doesn't change as our students get older, it simply becomes more complex.

Our Programs

Preschool-Kindergarten student with magnifying glass

Ages 3-6


Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, our expert educators present materials and ideas that allow children to explore, create, question, consider, build, and deconstruct.

Ages 3-6Preschool-Kindergarten

Elementary school students in class

Grades 1-4

Lower School

Our purposeful project-based approach paired with a focus on social-emotional learning guides students toward crucial developmental milestones in an engaging environment.

Grades 1-4Lower School

A middle school student at Bennett Day demonstrates classroom learning to adults

Grades 5-8

Middle School

Our Middle School experience focuses on six key areas of support needed for growth in adolescence, and students’ learning is built from their questions and interests.

Grades 5-8Middle School

High school students outside

Grades 9-12

Upper School

This is High School re-imagined. Our project-based program empowers curious students in a complex world to find their purpose and understand themselves as learners.

Grades 9-12Upper School