From the Director, Kimberly Burks

Early adolescence is a time unlike any other in a person’s life, and the way in which adolescents process the world during this time period shapes their life forever. Their search for identity intensifies and their development of building capacity for empathy becomes critical. Young adolescents crave more responsibility and their curiosity about the expanding world around them continues to grow. Their passion for learning blossoms when there is a clear purpose and a balance in freedom to pursue their interests and support to do so.

Our programming is personal, purposeful and project-based. The middle school experience is personalized through the design of the advisory program, providing individualized opportunities for goal-setting guidance and social emotional development. The unique communication of student progress through narrative reports, digital portfolios and competency-based grading allows for learners to measure growth, reflect and self-assess. The middle school experience is designed to create a sense of purpose. Students’ learning is built from their questions and interests; the same teaching methods and pedagogy as our early childhood program. The middle school experience is project-based, integrating disciplines through authentic, student-centered experiences.

Our Approach

Adolescents feel big feelings and live in extremes. It is a time of major cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Our Middle School focuses on these six key areas of support needed for growth:

  1. Scaffolded Autonomy: Room to "fail" so they take risks and have the room to learn and grow through those failures
  2. Opportunities for Play: Opportunities for play (as children) and hanging out (as adolescents)
  3. Social Opportunities: Rich and robust social learning opportunities
  4. Boundaries: Support in establishing boundaries and thriving within them
  5. Values: Establishing interpersonal and intra-personal values
  6. Perspective: Help managing often exaggerated interpretations of the world around them and their role within it

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Kimberly Burks

Kimberly Burks


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