Senior Spotlight: Lauren

Why did you choose/decide to go to Bennett Day School?

After learning in Montessori and IB programs, I came across Bennett and its unique approach while searching for a high school. I wanted a fresh start, with not only peers and teachers but with my education. After coming to orientation, I was excited for the next four years educationally, but also for the opportunity to form friendships and be a part of a community of people from different backgrounds.

Senior Spotlight Lauren

What are your plans after you graduate?

I will attend The American University of Paris, where I plan on majoring in International Business with a minor in Marketing. I plan to continue to dance while focusing on my improvement in French.

What advice would you give rising seniors?

Senior year is one of the most critical years of your life. While there will be challenging times, don’t forget to have fun while staying focused. The idea of college is scary, but it is an opportunity to create a new version of yourself.

Lauren at Internship Expo

What’s your favorite project-based learning (PBL) memory?

My favorite memory would have to be writing about how “Free Prison Labor is Slavery” during our PBL course about the Justice System. After a lot of research, I was able to challenge myself to create not only an informative paper but one that thoughtfully addressed a difficult topic and its influence on our prison system as a country.

What are you excited for after Bennett?

I am excited to travel the world and study abroad in Paris. I’ve always loved traveling and exploring different countries and cultures. The opportunity to learn in Paris is an eye-opening experience for me and will allow me to continue to explore the world.

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