Senior Spotlight: Camila

Why did you choose/decide to go to Bennett Day School?

I chose Bennett because of the independence it allows for students. Through its untraditional project-based learning, students have the freedom to learn and study what they are passionate about. This is a large value for me because I want to be able to truly connect to my learning. 

Senior Spotlight Camila

What are your plans after you graduate?

After I graduate from Bennett, I will attend Roosevelt University to study sustainability. Through the Honors College, I hope to connect to the McNair Scholars Program to pursue graduate-level education in urban planning. 

What advice would you give rising seniors?

Start early! It is important to give yourself enough time to explore options to make the best post-high school plan for you. Don’t overthink your decisions that much either; you’re making the best choices you can in that moment, and it’s not permanent. 

Camila California

What’s your favorite project-based learning (PBL) memory?

I think all PBL projects are special to me, however, one of my favorite experiences was going to California during our Migration unit. It was very intriguing to learn in a completely different environment, and I feel like it was essential in creating life-long friendships for my class. 

What are you excited for after Bennett?

I am excited for the unknown! I know that college will present many different opportunities, from traveling, to friendships, and careers, and I think I’m ready 🙂 

IMG_5150 - Camila Hernandez

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