Senior Spotlight: Alex

Why did you choose/decide to go to Bennett Day School?

I chose Bennett Day School because it was something new: a project-based, interdisciplinary high school with small classes that aimed to break down traditional subject barriers and encourage a holistic understanding of subjects. I felt that this type of curriculum was more engaging, effective, and applicable in helping me to see the relevance of my education in a broader context and prepare me for the future. Bennett’s small class sizes also allowed for more individualized attention from teachers, which I felt I had lacked previously in a large public school.

Senior Spotlight Alex

What are your plans after you graduate?

After I graduate from Bennett, I will attend Northwestern University to study political science at Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences with a concentration on public policy.

What advice would you give rising seniors?

It is important to plan ahead. Research college options, application requirements, and deadlines. Your life will be more comfortable if you ensure you have ample time for essay writing, standardized tests, and gathering recommendation letters. But also enjoy the journey – your senior year will be a memorable time. Embrace new experiences, savor friendships, and make the most of the opportunities available to you. Remember to enjoy the process and celebrate your achievements along the way.

Demo Night Alex Senior Spotlight

What’s your favorite project-based learning (PBL) memory?

My favorite PBL project memory is the Demo Night setup I helped to create for the Crime and Justice PBL. For this exhibition, we transformed a classroom using lighting, cutouts, and other effects to allow the “definitions of justice” of 50+ students and guest speakers to be viewed by visitors. I feel like we created an immersive, interesting environment in the final product while also gaining technical and creative skills throughout the process in the weeks leading up to Demo Night. This project was a perfect mix of technical and creative skills. It was also fun to be creative in designing the space using only the limited resources we had!

What are you excited for after Bennett?

I am excited to hopefully branch out more, and have opportunities to engage with people, classes, and disciplines that I haven’t yet had the chance to in high school. I am also excited to gain more independence in the years to come.

IMG_5685 - Alexander Hoffman

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