Summer Camp Highlight: Culinary Arts

The inaugural year of Bennett Day Camp is here, and we’re so excited to provide unique summer experiences to any and all school-aged children! There are multiple opportunities to customize your camp experience, and one of our favorites is our culinary arts program.

At culinary arts camp, children will spend their mornings participating in food-themed outdoor exploration time. Games like Food Group Blitz integrate much-needed physical activity with fun and educational ways to learn about food. Campers will dig into the dirt to learn how to grow their own ingredients in their very own garden, as well build and run a lemonade stand for their fellow campers.

After an eventful morning, the afternoons will be filled with learning new recipes and designing menus and even a cookbook. Special guests will teach different aspects of the culinary world: cooking skills by Sticky Fingers; juice making with mixologist Stephanie Baber; and hands-on learning about food production with The Plant. Additionally, little chefs will gain first-hand experience in composting and buying groceries from local farmers markets and grocery stores.

At the culinary arts Bennett Day Camp, kids will learn a variety of lifelong skills through engaging and fun activities. Click here to learn more about the programs we’re offering this summer.