Essential Book List: Big Vehicles

Big vehicles inspire many questions: What is that? Why is it moving? How does it move? Where is it going? These books are the perfect catalyst to send little minds thinking about those huge vehicles that move. Here are a few of our favorite books about big vehicles to spark imaginations with curiosity.

I’m Brave!

By Kate McMullanDSC04571.jpg

Young readers will enjoy this read-aloud, hilarious book about a big red fire engine. With his siren, horn, hose and water, he drives through the smoke and heat to put out a blazing fire.

Bulldozer Helps Out (The Bulldozer Books)

By Candace Fleming

This is a story about a little bulldozer who wants nothing more than to help despite what all of the bigger trucks say about his tiny size. When the little bulldozer is tasked with clearing debris out of the way, he eagerly steps up to help. However, he discovers a family of newborn kittens living in the pile of debris. Can he take care of the baby kitties? That’s a job that happens to be the perfect size for the little bulldozer.

Steam Train, Dream Train

By Sherri Duskey Rinker

This book is perfect for young train fanatics. The dream train pulls into the station, and is loaded up with polar bears, ice cream, kangaroos, race cars and many more fun characters and objects. It’s the perfect bedtime story for budding train enthusiasts.

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