How to Incorporate Progressive Learning at Home

Progressive learning is not a traditional desk-and-chalkboard environment. In fact, it extends far beyond the classroom and encompasses the entire community, including the home. Which is why parents are essential participants in the progressive learning processes.


At Bennett Day School, families are our partners, collaborators and part of our learning community. Here are few ways parents can implement progressive learning strategies at home.


Cook international cuisine

Skip the pizza delivery and try something new, such as cooking a non-traditional American fare for dinner. Parents can search online for a recipe and grab items at the nearest grocery store, which will also make for a fun cooking lesson with children. This is the time to be adventurous – try Indian, Ethiopian, Turkish or Dutch. Having children cook and taste new foods will enhance their motor skills and sensory development. It also teaches them to be open-minded which is something they will carry with them later on in life.


Explore a nearby neighborhood

The best way for a child to learn is by doing. This means researching, experimenting and exploring. Parents can simply do this by wandering through their city or neighborhood with their child. Consider going to a restaurant you’ve never tried before or playing at a new park. There is a learning opportunity everywhere, and it allows children to be open to new things and remain curious to learn more.


Schedule nightly one-on-one time

It’s important for parents and their children to set aside a few minutes at the end of the day to reconnect, such as reading a book. This shared experience provides a time for you to ask your child questions, learn and explore new vocabulary and engage in discussions.
A progressive learning environment encourages a child’s innate sense of inquiry through investigation and exploration, while going beyond the classroom. Even at home, parents can support this development in their child by executing the activities listed above, or anything else that to helps their child fully realize their capacity to think, learn, play and create. Here are some fun ways to inspire your child’s musical ability.