Construction Update on New Campus as of 8/15

Progress continues both inside and out with everything geared to opening the school on schedule. A lot of the fine detail work is happening. Classroom finishes are complete, furniture is in and awaiting final placement by the staff. Room signage has been installed. Vinyl wall covering in the toilet rooms is underway. The stairwells have been painted. Carpet and base is going down in all the corridors. The lower level epoxy floors in the corridors  and lunchroom will receive their final finish over the weekend. The main entrance doors have been installed. Work continues on the 4th floor with drywall and painting. Special gym flooring will be installed next week.
The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system was started early this week and is going through a shake out phase. The hydronic perimeter heating system will be complete and the boilers will be fired up early next week. The exterior security cameras and access control systems are being completed. Internet service to the building has been established and the BDS IT staff will be setting up the school’s network servers this coming week.
A walk-through of the building by the Fire Department and City of Chicago officials was completed on Thursday to identify any items that need to be completed before the final inspection that will occur prior to school opening. No major issues were identified. Preliminary testing of the fire alarm and fire protection systems is ongoing in preparation for a final test by the City.
Outside, the roofing work at the entrance is ongoing. The remaining concrete sidewalks are being framed and poured. Landscaping and playground installation will start next week.