Construction Update on New Campus as of 7/8

The last two weeks have brought significant progress to the building and site! Everything is moving along on schedule!

Interior: Our large arch windows are installed and the entire building is officially sealed and weather tight. The toilet room wall tile installation is 95% complete. Painting has started on the first two levels. The elevator is operating and the elevator lobby enclosures are complete. The stairs and landings in the north stairwell are complete. Installation of our wall mounted cabinets has started on the lower level. The large HVAC units have been set on the roof and are being piped ready for start up. The hot water heaters are in place and are also being piped. Installation of all of the flooring will begin in the next week. Wiring for the AV and security equipment is complete.  Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing piping continues on the 4th floor with drywall to start next week.

Exterior: The lawn irrigation has been completed and the sod has been placed in the southwest corner. Fencing continues on the east side of the site. Interior site sidewalks are being framed and poured. The parent landscape committee is working on an interim planting plan for the northwest corner. Delivery and installation of the playground equipment should occur at the beginning of August.

We cannot wait to see our new and returning students at the end of August!