Why the West Loop?

We are so thrilled to have Bennett Day School in the West Loop, and couldn’t think of a better place for our school to be located.

When our team began looking for locations, we knew residing on Fulton Market had a lot of potential. One of the first things we noticed when we scoped out a location for Bennett Day School was that there wasn’t a preschool within a mile, and we felt one was certainly needed.

In the past several years, the West Loop has seen a ton of residential growth. It’s a neighborhood where families have relocated to have more space and be close to work. Bennett Day School is accessible all major transportation points including “the El” Green and Pink Line, public buses on Halsted and Milwaukee, Ogilvy Transportation Center and the Randolph exit from Interstate 90/94 – which makes it easy for our families to do school drop off to and from work in the loop.

Part of our mission is to inspire imagination with our physical space. Not only does our school inspire creativity, but so does the West Loop. We are located right by soaring skyline views, Chicago’s Google office and Blommer Chocolate Company.

The West Loop is such a vibrant area with outdoor markets, great restaurants and a rich history of wholesale and industrial businesses making furniture, food and so many more great Chicago products. We are also just steps away from the proposed Fulton Randolph Market District, which is so exciting for us.

We just love our Fulton St. location and we know our families will love our space as much as we do!

To learn more about Bennett Day School, come take a tour of our new school located at 657 W. Fulton St.