Progressive Learning Beyond the Classroom

At Bennett Day, our learning philosophies stretch outside the regular school hours, involving the entire community in the education of our children. Through a variety of enriching before- and after-school programs, students can expand their horizons further to truly investigate their interests and nurture valuable life-long skills.

MorningCare and AfterCare

Parents with busy schedules can find it difficult to match their timing with the start and end of the school day. In those cases, families can take advantage of MorningCare and AfterCare. To create a gentle transition into the traditional academic setting, MorningCare begins with breakfast and activities led by Bennett Day teachers in the classroom. When the school day is over, AfterCare provides physical play, fun and snacks.

Stay and Play

Stay and Play is an extended-day program for Bennett Day’s Early Childhood students, designed to complement the half-day of learning with more opportunities to learn. Stay and Play is located in the PreK classroom so children are free to explore in an environment fit for their curiosity. When this program ends for the day, students are able to move right into AfterCare.


Bennett & Beyond

For students who want to delve deeper into their individual passions, Bennett & Beyond is a fantastic option. Created to complement AfterCare, this variety of trimester-long classes brings experts in from around Chicago to provide truly unique and valuable experiences. From movement activities like dance classes and soccer to entrepreneurship, yoga and coding, there’s opportunity for any interest.

Our before- and after-school care options are always changing to provide the best experiences for our students. To learn more about how you can implement progressive learning strategies at home, click here.