Home Activity: Exploring the Beauty of Fall

Fall is an exciting time of year at Bennett Day School. The climate is mild and comfortable, which allows for fun, outdoor exploration. Nature changes into vibrant, colorful works of art, inspiring us to create our own masterpieces. To embrace the many things fall has to offer, here are a few activities to try with your kids.


Pumpkin collages

Items you will need:

Tissue paper (orange, red and yellow) cut into pieces

Cut-out paper pumpkins

Glue sticks

Pumpkins (for inspiration)

For this activity, have your kid create their own colorful pumpkin by pasting pieces of tissue paper onto the cut-out pumpkin. Display a couple of real pumpkins on the table for inspiration. This might even spark questions on how pumpkins are grown and harvested.  


Exploring leaves

Items you will need:

Cut-out paper leaves with different shapes


Crayons, markers and/or colored pencils

Leaves (for inspiration)

Explore the many different shapes and colors of leaves. Have your kid use the cut-out leaves to trace their own and use crayons or markers to add color.


Investigating gourds

Items you will need:

Variety of gourds


Crayons, markers and/or colored pencils

Paint and brushes

Magnifying glass

Let your kids creativity and exploration shine through for this activity. Give them the option to paint a pumpkin, draw a picture of different gourds or use a magnifying glass for more in-depth examination.

These are just a few fun activities to enjoy with your kids and celebrate the arrival of fall. Also, while the weather is still temperate, it’s the perfect time to get out and explore the city. Here are a few spots in Chicago’s south side neighborhood, Bronzeville, we recommend you check out.