Construction Update: Up and Up We Go 

Concrete flooring and framing shown already taking place on multiple floors of our new campus as construction progresses on schedule.

Construction is progressing extremely well at our new campus.  We walked through three floors of the building this week.  The lower level concrete slab has been placed; structural steel erection is complete up to the third floor; fourth floor steel is being placed; the second floor concrete slab is complete; partition and framing layout has started on both the lower level and the first floor; and we have even moved on to fireproofing of the steel framing in place.

Off-site connections to city services have been completed.  Water service, storm lines and sanitary piping are now into the building.  Partition framing and mechanical system piping will be starting on the lower levels while steel erection will continue on the upper levels.  Sprinkler piping has been delivered to the site and that installation will start soon as well.  Although most of our windows are ready to be placed, the window openings allow easy access for upper level steel delivery and other materials to be stocked on those floors.  Windows will be installed shortly thereafter.  Great progress, and on schedule.

We will now be offering Hard Hat Tours with the CEO and Board Members of Bennett Day School at our new campus at 955 W Grand Ave in Chicago.  We are starting to get a real sense of how classroom layouts and our overall master plan fits inside the historic building enclosure.  These tours will allow for you to achieve a sense of the space, as well as to sit down over coffee with school leaders to talk about the long-term vision of Bennett Day in small groups.  For more information on these tours and coffees, please email