Construction Update on New Campus


Workers powerwash restored masonry walls after reclaiming and cleaning original bricks from the historic Chicago Commons building at our new campus.
Exciting news!  The first piece of support steel for our first floor was installed at our new campus at 955 W Grand Ave.  More steel will arrive at the site and be erected in the coming days. The mild December weather allowed masonry reclamation and cleaning to continue.  Masonry restoration of the west wall along Morgan Street has been completed.  All the interior column foundations have been placed for the south half of the building.  Similar foundation placement continues for the north half.  Progress is being made in closing up large window and other openings so interior work can continue when the weather turns colder.  The elevator, doors, HVAC equipment and other similar longer lead time items have been ordered or are already in production.  Shop drawings for the electrical, mechanical and piping systems are being prepared.  Once the floors are set, these items will start to arrive at the site and be installed.

Temporary building enclosure is complete and awaiting the installation of new windows shortly.  Weather conditions have refocused work to the building’s interior and getting ready for the next phase of structural steel installation.  Column foundations for the south half of the building are completed.  The stone base, which will support the lower level concrete slab, is being placed.  Structural steel erection in the north half of the building continues.  Underground utility connections to city services for sewer and water have started.  Underground plumbing in the south half is scheduled to begin next with prep work on the roof to receive the primary mechanical equipment.

The field and site work remains on schedule with significant work happening behind the scenes.