Construction Update on New Campus: Sparks Fly!

The southeast wall (L) exterior construction is complete and sparks fly as crews place structural steel decking and reinforce it on the interior (R)
The first floor framing on the south end of our new campus is now complete and marks an important milestone in our construction.  Sparks are flying, literally, as crews are placing the structural steel decking and reinforcing it in anticipation of the first floor concrete pour over the coming week.  Once the first floor slab is complete, the underground plumbing on the lower level will begin.

While prep work is done for the first concrete pour to the south, steel construction for the first floor to the north half is beginning.  The shift from north to south will continue as the steel and decking are placed on each floor and will continue up the building.  This approach allows for timely layout, framing and rough-in of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing work to progress on a floor-by-floor and area-by-area basis as the deck sections are poured.  Work also continues in the stairwells with the removal of existing walls to create the required shaft space.  Installation of the steel framed stairs will soon follow the deck placement for each floor section as construction continues on schedule.

We will have more to share during our upcoming school tours as well as at our virtual tour cocktail evening event on February 25.  For more information about these events, feel free to contact us at