Construction Update on New Campus as of 8/4

The final push to complete everything and get ready for school to open is well under way. The most exciting action this week – the office and classroom furniture has arrived and is getting set up. All of the classroom walls and floor finishes are now complete. The installation of the corridor carpet was started on the first floor and the corridors on the remaining floors will be completed as the subcontractors work their way out of the building over the next two weeks.  The special order lunchroom and recreation room flooring has arrived and will be installed by the end of the week.

Both exit stairwells structures are now complete, drywall has been installed, and the stairs are being painted. The final fifth floor windows are being installed, the main entrance doors, and exterior porch ceiling are in progress and the exterior fencing is being completed.

Landscape plans for the northwest garden area have been finalized. The area has been rough graded and a layer of topsoil has been placed. Prep work for the mulch and planting beds will start next week. Foundations for the play and shade feature will start next week in anticipation of the equipment delivery on August 11!