Construction Update on New Campus as of 6/7/16

Another great week of progress!

Drywall installation and wall insulation continues on the lower level and first floor. Wall framing on third floor is complete and rough-in of the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) trades is under way. Drywall should start on the third floor next week. Wall framing is complete and the above ceiling MEP installation has started on the fifth floor. The large arched windows are in production and scheduled to be on site in two weeks.

The elevator cab is in place, and work continues on the hoistway and machine equipment room. The hoistway doors that open onto the lobby should be installed in the next two weeks.

Debris removal is ongoing in the north stairwell. The stairs are measured and in fabrication. Once this stairwell is complete, construction traffic will move so that the south stair treads and finishes can be completed. The protective wall membrane has been installed on the rooftop recreation area, and work continues on the mechanical penthouse.

Site cleanup continues on the northwest corner, but has been slowed with the heavy rains that occurred late last week. The new front stairs are being framed and will be poured early next week.