Bennett Day School – Upper School Receives HTHGSE New School Creation Fellowship

As the opening of the Upper School at Bennett Day School nears, our tailored curriculum has received yet another boost: acceptance into the High Tech High Graduate School of Education (HTHGSE) Creation Fellowship! This exciting opportunity will expand our innovative K-12 program to create an even more sustainable education systems.

What is HTHGSE?

The High Tech High Graduate School of Education was built to create and develop leaders who are able to guide their colleagues and communities towards a more sustainable, innovative, relevant and robust educational systems for students everywhere.

The fellowship program is designed for passionate educators who are committed to designing and founding new schools focused on equity and deeper learning. Through the program, New School Creation Fellows are given advanced skills in leadership development, school design and new school start up to revolutionize K-12 education.

What does this means for Bennett Day School Upper School?

The faculty at Bennett Day School has the opportunity to work alongside faculty from the HTHGSE to assist in the design and build of the Upper School at Bennett Day School’s program. Our faculty will be working with and learning from the national standard bearer for project-based, student-centered education. Additionally, certain teachers will visit High Tech High for week-long residencies. While on campus, they will see High Tech High’s project-based learning school in action and consult with them on how we can implement a similar model on our campus.

The fellowship is based on developing equity and deeper learning in our school model, which is a recipe for success. Gaining acceptance into the program will help us achieve our goal of providing a progressive, relevant education for students to set them up for a lifetime of success.