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Mission and Vision

At Bennett Day School, our mission is to provide a collaborative culture that nurtures children’s innate sense of inquiry and curiosity. We are committed to advancing creativity, innovation, and the development of lifelong learners and leaders.


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Why Is Preschool Important?

From the age zero to six, there is a significant amount of brain development happening. For example, when a child turns three, they are at a ripe age for language development. It’s important for parents to find a preschool that can foster this development in their...

What Should I Expect of a 3 Year Old?

What goes on in the mind of a three-year-old child? At this age, they’re developing a variety of cognitive abilities through socialization and play. Learn more from Meg Fitzgerald, Early Childhood Director, in the video below.   Want to know more about our...

What Should I Look for in a Preschool Program?

There are many elements to consider when searching for the right preschool for your child, including learning philosophy, classroom setup and teacher-student interaction. Meg Fitzgerald, Early Childhood Director at Bennett Day School, explains what parents should look...