The Power of Gratitude in Trying Times

Bennett Day School’s Co-founder and CEO, Cameron Smith, recently shared an honest message about the challenges that come with on-campus learning in 2022 and the power of gratitude in trying times.

Posted: January 21, 2022
Written by: Cameron Smith

As we start 2022, I’m so grateful for our team and community at Bennett Day School. It has been a demanding return to campus for our K-12 #school in Chicago and any other school that has already returned to campus or that is working so hard to do so.

The doors opened on Tuesday, as scheduled for months now. Saliva screening happened beforehand, also planned months in advance. Maintenance was in early on Wednesday working on building fixes before school opened (and that’s early!). Every adult in the building had their jackets on and helped with dismissal in below-freezing temps. Teachers covered AfterCare assignments they don’t normally handle. Families have been patient and sent kind notes of appreciation. Our admin team covered for colleagues who are out as staffing is tight everywhere in the world now. No one said ‘that isn’t my job or sorry I can’t’. It was ‘what can I do, how can I help’.

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Dynamic #projectbasedlearning continues for our kids and their teachers. Learning by doing happens best in person. We do it for our kids. Our teachers. Our families. It is a higher calling, it just is. But it is demanding. I’m tired again already! The team is tired. We all are. To say otherwise would just not be the truth. Yet, we all have to find ways to keep going and to be grateful. #Gratitude is incredibly powerful, both giving and receiving it.

What are you #grateful for early in 2022? There are so many challenges — societal, political, health, and safety. Remembering what we are grateful for helps us all get through!

This message was originally shared on LinkedIn.

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