#OsmoKaleidoscope on the Go: 5 Ways to Use this App While Traveling

Children of all ages look forward to road-trips and family travels that enrich their lives and expand their horizons. Families who bring an Osmo Base on their family travels will soon discover many reasons why Osmo Kaleidoscope is a great app for enriching family trips. Download the Osmo Kaleidoscope app here to start creating beautiful kaleidoscope images with everyday objects, toys, art materials, or seasonal items from nature.

Here are a 5 ways to use Osmo Kaleidoscope on your next family adventure:

  1. Fun with Natural Treasures: When kiddos discover shiny pebbles, textural seashells, or colorful leaves on their journey, it’s fun to use these items to create beautiful symmetrical patterns with an app designed for open-ended exploration. Science is a valuable aspect of travel. 
  2. Souvenir Pamphlets, Books, and Maps: Traveling children often collect tourist maps, pamphlets, postcards, and colorful booklets that remind them of their trip. Children are delighted when graphical features in these items are transformed with the beauty of symmetry!

    Traveling with Osmo

  3. Wings, Travel Trays, and Bottle-caps: Children on airplanes often like to use their seatback tray to set-up playworlds for imagination and investigation. Uniquely intriguing aspects of Osmo Kaleidoscope offer children a new view of the commonplace objects they find on a plane. A simple bottle-cap, plastic fork, giveaway wings, or airline brochure become highly engaging when viewed through this digital kaleidoscope.

  4. Cousins, Sibs, and Collaboration: Because Osmo Kaleidoscope was specifically designed for easy sharing, two players can sit side-by-side and enjoy creating kaleidoscopic designs together. This means aunts, uncles, cousins, and kin can enjoy playing together when family travel takes you to extended family.
  5. Creativity, Resourcefulness, and Control:  Flight delays, weather complications, or traffic jams can make a long trip feel even longer for younger passengers. Help kiddos feel in control of their own playspace when using Osmo Kaleidoscope where they make interesting design decisions and complex creations without needing outside help. 

As with old fashioned kaleidoscopes, this special tool was made to enhance childhood explorations. 



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