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Nurture Your Child’s Curiosity

Purposeful. Personal. Project-Based.

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At Bennett, we do not see students as empty vessels waiting to be filled with information, but rather as competent, capable individuals who are co-collaborators in their education. Our students learn by doing through meaningful project-based learning (PBL) experiences and are assessed based on developmental milestones and essential competencies, not the traditional grading scale. Our experienced educators are committed to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where children can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Preschool-Kindergarten student with magnifying glass

Ages 3-6


Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, our expert educators present materials and ideas that allow children to explore, create, question, consider, build, and deconstruct.

Ages 3-6Preschool-Kindergarten

Elementary school students in class

Grades 1-4

Lower School

Our purposeful project-based approach paired with a focus on social-emotional learning guides students toward crucial developmental milestones in an engaging environment.

Grades 1-4Lower School

A middle school student at Bennett Day demonstrates classroom learning to adults

Grades 5-8

Middle School

Our Middle School experience focuses on six key areas of support needed for growth in adolescence, and students’ learning is built from their questions and interests.

Grades 5-8Middle School

High school students outside

Grades 9-12

Upper School

This is High School re-imagined. Our project-based program empowers curious students in a complex world to find their purpose and understand themselves as learners.

Grades 9-12Upper School

Why choose Bennett?

Engaged Educators
Students and teacher working at a table at Bennett Day School

We believe that everyone who works in our school—including teachers, staff, building custodians, and administration—impacts the lives of our students. As a community that values lifelong learning, we prioritize time and space for our educators to reflect, collaborate, innovate, and grow.

Family-School Partnership
Individualized Assessment
Project-Based Learning
Social-Emotional Learning

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“Bennett Day School has been the best thing that happened to our family. We found the school when my oldest was going into first grade. We never thought we'd consider a private school but sadly, we found our daughter's love of learning and interest in school dying in kindergarten. Even though we transitioned in a non-entry year, it was like she came back to life and easily found her place in this incredibly warm community of students, families and educators. Seeing her younger sister (in elementary school) and her (now in middle school) both excelling as active learners, not only curious about the world but eager to make a difference is all the proof we have needed. This is the private school of and for the future!” 

-Bennett Day School Parent

“Bennett is special in the way it respects the students' experiences, their emotions and their ability to construct their own understanding of the world. People think that because a child grows up that a child's job is to grow up. But a child's job is to be a child. Nature does not disdain that which lives for a day. Bennett's commitment to this as students age by having project-based learning in middle and upper school is proof that this philosophy doesn't exist solely in preschool. Bennett nurtures human beings and values kindness, artistry, curiosity and wonder, and community.”

-Bennett Day School Parent

"I was really impressed with the learning approach at Bennett & how it is applied in the Upper School curriculum. The faculty and staff see each student as an individual - learning becomes personalized. Students are challenged to think differently. My son is becoming this beautiful individual who is encouraged to exercise his curiosity, embrace his unique strengths and develop new talents. He feels happy and secure. It’s been a game changer for him and for my family. Quite honestly, I’m thrilled with the outcomes I’ve seen in my son."

-Bennett Day School Parent

"We've had our daughter in Pre-K for one year, and now in JK. Our younger daughter will be starting Bennett next fall. We love Bennett--the teachers are amazing, the philosophy and environment fit our goals for our daughters, sparking their inner curiosity and creativity to make learning a self-driven and engaging process. The school is a great partner helping us raise talented, strong, curious, engaged, socially-aware, community-oriented and smart young women who have the foundation they need to succeed in the world professionally and personally. We've loved joining the community and really enjoy our interactions with the other parents and families as well. Having been there more than a year and a half, we couldn't imagine a better fit for us for a school and community."

-Bennett Day School Parent

"What makes Bennett so wonderful is the staff and teachers that care so much about our kiddo. He knows staff and teachers outside his classroom, and they all know his name when they greet him in the morning. The education is top-notch, and the project-based learning has been a wonderful way to engage his little brain and help him learn to love learning. The facilities are amazing and they are expanding to provide even more to the children there. Lastly, there is an engaged community of Bennett families, which makes the school much more than just a place for classes. We can’t imagine sending our son anywhere else. I wish a place like Bennett was around when I was in school decades ago."

-Bennett Day School Parent

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News & Articles

School Shouldn’t Suck: Bennett Day School Teachers Share Project-Based Learning Strategies at BOOST Conference

What if school didn’t have to suck? That’s the question posed by Dr. Shannon Hurst, Upper School Science Teacher, and Alex Modica, Upper School Humanities Teacher, during their presentation at the 2024 BOOST Conference. The approach to project-based learning (PBL) at Bennett Day School is not only making school engaging, but it’s also fostering deeper learning, collaboration, and real-world impact.

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