At Bennett Day School, we firmly believe that no school is the perfect school for everyone and that a school is most successful when everyone in the community can see themselves embodied in the mission and vision of the school.

We believe education begins with a partnership between family and school.

That partnership is the foundation on which is built a learning community dedicated to the growth of all members in service of a greater good. School must be a place in which every member feels that they are seen, heard and understood. Those members then must take on the responsibility, through active citizenship, to collaboratively build a place where every learner thrives. We believe that it is the responsibility of every member of the learning community to insure that our school lives it’s mission on a daily basis and remains a place of innovation and inspiration.

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Successful Bennett Day Upper School students:

  • Are curious about the world.
  • Are mature and independent.
  • Think about how they think, not just what they think.
  • Are intrinsically motivated.
  • Worry less about the right answer and more about the right question.
  • Are passionate, knowledge-seeking citizens.
  • Demonstrate empathy for others.
  • Want to learn in real world settings with real world impact.
  • Want to be challenged by in depth assessment and feedback.
  • Want to work with their peers and develop collaborative skills.

Bennett Day School is a place for forward thinkers.

Students at Bennett Day will be challenged with real-world problems and will be expected to provide real-world answers. We believe curiosity and creativity are essential skills in the modern world, and our students will be challenged with a rigorous set of problems that help them develop these skills. If these characteristics, skills and qualities resonate with you, we believe you will love the Bennett Day Upper School.