Why is advisory a priority?

Bennett Day believes in personalized learning, but more importantly, we believe in personal learning. One-to-one human relationships are essential to learning, and we want to provide every Bennett Day student the mentorship to make the right personal choices for themselves.

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Our Partnership

Our philosophy and curriculum is rooted in Stanford’s Project Wayfinder, complete with a toolkit that draws upon purpose development research, brain science,¬†interviews with “purpose exemplars,” and practices from¬†native wayfinding traditions.


The Project Wayfinder Journey Track

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How Advisory Works:


  • Every Bennett Day learner connects with an advisor upon admission.
  • Your advisor visits your home prior to the school year to talk about your goals and pathway.
  • Your advisor meets with your family to discuss how to best personalize your learning.
  • Advisory class meets as a group every day to help you continually rethink and redesign your pathway.
  • You meet with your advisor one-on-one every three weeks (as well as at the end of each year) to talk about your progress and plan.
  • Starting in 10th grade, you, your advisor, and the college counselor meet regularly to discuss your post-Bennett Day plans

Advisory Provides:

  • Learning Support
  • Community Development
  • Family Partnerships
  • Social-Emotional Development

Advisory is the Link Between:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • College Counseling
  • Support Services