Why Do We Use Project-Based Learning?

Learners must be able to apply knowledge to a wide variety of subjects and problems and make decisions based on the ability to use different skills to address these problems. A problem such as poverty, for example, requires a learner who understands the historical and sociological causes that create poverty as well as the mathematical and scientific knowledge to develop solutions. They need writing skills to effectively convince others to help them address the problem.

A Project-Based Learning environment not only emphasizes these subject-based skills, but also gives learners the opportunity to apply them across disciplines in a manner that mimics the skills necessary to be an effective citizen of the world.

PBL Provides:

  1. Cross-Disciplinary Exploration
  2. Real World Assessment
  3. Social Responsibility and Equity
  4. Student Voice and Choice

Need a Deeper Dive?

Bennett Day’s Project Based Learning is based on the Buck Institute for Education’s “High Quality PBL Framework.” The Buck Institute has been a leader in rigorous educational models for over 35 years. You can read all about the framework on their site, which is located here.¬†

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