Logical Thinker

A logical thinker has the ability to apply deductive or inductive reasoning to a situation. Using deductive reasoning, they can analyze premises or preconditions, analyze those premises and derive a conclusion using specific rules.


A problem solver has the ability to define and assess problems, brainstorm and develop a solution plan, iterate solutions to that problem and get feedback that moves the learner closer to a tenable solution.

Self-Aware Learner

A self-aware learner has the ability to recognize and assess their own behavior, emotions, thoughts, or learning focus, altering them in accordance with the demands of the situation.

Strategic Thinker

A strategic thinker has the ability to systematically explore the future to identify drivers of change and to consider potential outcomes to inform strategic decisions.

Culturally and Globally Competent Citizen

A culturally and globally competent citizen has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of international issues, has the ability to learn from and work with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, proficiency in a foreign language, is cognizant of national and international systems and their impact on social identity groups, and is dedicated to the acquisition of the skills necessary to function productively in an interdependent world community.