At Bennett Day, there’s no such thing as “extra” curricular.

Athletics provides a valuable learning experience: aside from the values of sportsmanship and health maintenance, participation in athletics can provide learners with an exposure to a number of topics in any subject, from statistics to sociology. That’s why we don’t believe in the concept of “extracurricular.” The skills that are learned on the field, in practice, or through competition can be applied to our competency framework towards graduation.

Bennett Day learners have the opportunity to participate in a number of intramural sports. As a smaller school, we focus on sports that allow for small team and/or individual competition, such as basketball, cross country, track, and tennis.

Intramural Sports at Bennett Day

Cross Country
Martial Arts
Track and Field

Athletics Provide an Important Learning Opportunity

Learning is a holistic experience, and we know that physical health and mental health are correlated.

We consider athletics to be an important part of growth and development.