Our Biblioteca

The Mission of Our Biblioteca

is to enrich and support the curriculum of Bennett Day School, to provide students, teachers, and staff with access to credible sources, and to ensure that all are effective learners and users of information.

Biblioteca Vision:

Students will have access to materials that will help satisfy their sense of inquiry and curiosity, and that will spur further investigation into specific subjects and areas of interest.

Biblioteca Steering Committee (2019-20)

Emily Bidari, Biblioteca Co-Chair
Heather Mekkelson, Biblioteca Co-Chair
Susan Roman, Ph.D., Library Consultant/Advisor
Andrea Jaeger, Upper School Faculty
Sara Skvara, Registrar & Academic Administrative Assistant
Kate Cicchelli, Principal, CAO

Biblioteca Donations

We welcome your book donations that are in “like new” condition, without markings or annotations. Donation drop-off dates are scheduled three times a year, at the end of each trimester during Harvest Fest. 

Donation Wish Lists:

Biblioteca Collection (online catalog)

Click here to view our online catalog.

Biblioteca Volunteers

Volunteers staff library hours and are the heart of the Biblioteca. If you are interested in giving your time, please email biblioteca@bennettday.org.