Mission and Vision

At Bennett Day School, our mission is to provide a collaborative culture that nurtures our innate sense of inquiry and curiosity. We are committed to advancing creativity, innovation, and the development of lifelong learners and leaders.

Bennett Day School strives to be a progressive school that provides unparalleled experiences – in our program offering, instructional approaches, and nurturing environment – that shape our community for a fulfilling, successful, and impactful life. Compelled by curiosity, immersed in complex questions about the world around them, and supported by a diverse faculty and peer population, the Bennett Day School community asks and seeks the answers to those questions that derive from creativity and innovation. Individual and collaborative learning are central to the work of our school day; students and teachers are held to the highest standards, not simply in terms of final outcomes, but in the planning and realization of their own learning.

Ours is not a desk and chalkboard institution but rather a center, a laboratory, where students develop ideas and understanding, pursue passions and dreams, and hold themselves and their colleagues accountable for shared and individual work. Because school life at Bennett Day School embraces and celebrates the world outside as well as the world within, natural extensions of community awareness and service play a central role in what motivates our work.

Understanding the world around them, our students see what is and what should be and tap into innovative thinking to make change a reality.

In realizing our mission and vision we embrace:

  • A student, faculty, and family body devoted to academic and socially responsible learning and doing;
  • A culture of high expectations, accountability, and transparency;
  • A mindset of continuous growth and learning;
  • A physical space that inspires imagination and promotes well-being;
  • An inclusive and equitable community that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism; and
  • An environment that is mindful of and dedicated to sustainable living and learning.


At the Bennett Day School we aspire to uphold the values of:

The art of discovery is a driving force behind the Bennett Day School program; students and teachers work together to imagine, discover, and examine new ideas and understandings in each of the core areas of study: arts, science, literature, mathematics, social studies, technology, and language.

Academic Excellence

Two students sitting at a table working on mathOur school culture demands that our students, teachers, and families be ever mindful and attuned to their role in setting and reaching goals. These goals balance the personal and the collaborative as well as the intellectual and the academic. Our students and teachers pose questions and ideas that provoke and inspire deep understanding and tangible growth.


Our community engages in thoughtful dialogue and encourages understanding of manifold perspectives including, but not limited to, learning styles, physical abilities, religious beliefs, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and family structures. These dialogues are central to our school mission since we believe from diversity of thought, experience, and history come truly innovative collaborations and outcomes.


Candor is assumed in all aspects of life at Bennett Day School; awareness of and adherence to our academic and social principles of honesty, compassion, and risk-taking support the community in all endeavors, including those times when we wrestle with conflicts. We recognize that many things don’t fall along the lines of simple right and wrong and that those are often the opportunities for the richest conversations and deepest insights.


We strive to have a meaningful, positive, and lasting impact on our peers, communities, and society. In that vein we are respectful towards and responsible to our social and physical environments.


Student working on a laptopAt Bennett Day School, we promote innovation and lifelong learning by presenting dynamic programming and a challenging curriculum designed to teach strategies for adapting now and throughout life. Regularly pausing to reflect on what we have learned for ourselves and from one another helps determine where we venture next.