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Shannon Hurst


Upper School Science Teacher

Upper School

Shannon Hurst

Dr. Shannon Hurst has been a science educator for over 20 years. She has taught science from 6th to 12th grade in many educational settings distinguished for their focus on advancement in technology and innovation in science. She is enthusiastic and creative about designing a curriculum that helps foster students’ learning by providing unique real-world experiences that provoke inquiry-based problem solving through engagement. Dr. Hurst is committed to making something in science that may be perceived as uninteresting and ordinary and molding it into something that is extraordinary.

She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a concentration in nursing. She received a master’s degree in education from Dominican University and earned her doctorate from Lewis University with a concentration in science educational research/leadership.

Dr. Hurst is a recipient of numerous STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) awards. Additionally, she has published chapters on teaching science literacy to second-language learners. Recently, she worked in Chicago Public Schools and St. Louis public schools implementing research that works towards fostering social and environmental justice within marginalized populations. She has attended many conferences across the country and spoke on subcultural research that engages youth activism within science education.

She is excited to bring science and community together; building partnerships that provide a sense of ”fun through learning” and prepare Bennett’s students with 21st-century problem-solving skills as they pertain to local or global issues.