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Renzo Bologna


Middle and Upper School PE Teacher

Middle School, Upper School

Renzo Bologna

Renzo was born and raised in Uruguay and then moved to Chicago in 2016, with his wife Sofia. He worked as a Physical Education Teacher for nine years at Santa Elena School (Montevideo, Uruguay). He has fifteen years of coaching experience for both competitive and non-competitive soccer teams. Renzo is the creator of the Soccer College program at Santa Elena School that included a U20 and First Men’s team, which then grew into four soccer teams (Woman’s First team, U20 Men’s Team, Reserve Men’s Team, and First Men’s team), Women’s Handball Team and Men’s Basketball Team. Renzo is excited be part of the fantastic Bennett Day School team as a 10th Grade Advisor and the Middle School and High School Physical Education Teacher, and is committed to the school’s mission of developing of lifelong learners and leaders.