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Lorna Kirkpatrick


Senior Kindergarten Teacher

Early Childhood

Lorna Kirkpatrick

Lorna has worked with children of all ages and in a variety of roles. Most of her teaching experience has been in early childhood, and she knows the firsthand joys and challenges of working with young students. Growing up in Arkansas, Lorna learned to love and appreciate the great outdoors. There she graduated with a BA in Early Childhood Education. She is always eager to develop herself as a professional and a teacher and is certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Teaching English to Young Learners, and Teaching Business English. With a genuine passion for students and their success, Lorna aims to create a fun and engaging learning environment that is play based and developmentally appropriate where the whole child is considered. Outside of school, you may find Lorna working on her house, riding her bike, at a festival, or not at all, because she’s off traveling! She looks forward to starting her third year at Bennett Day!