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Jennifer Newberry


Upper School Counselor

Upper School

Jennifer Newberry

Jennifer Newberry brings a wealth of experience that spans over two decades in the Education field as she takes on the role of Upper School Counselor with a fervent passion. As one of the founding members of the Bennett Day Upper School faculty, Jennifer is committed to nurturing the social and emotional development of students throughout their high school journey. Her firm belief in the positive impact of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum and support for every student underscores her dedication. Jennifer wholeheartedly recognizes the pivotal nature of adolescence in shaping aspects like self-identity, purpose, and confidence, and she cherishes the privilege of being there for students during this transformative phase.

Jennifer’s proficiency lies in guiding students to cultivate mindfulness, foster healthy communication, nurture meaningful relationships, and establish purposeful goals. Her deep commitment to their holistic growth was evident as she took on the expanded role of the Upper School College Counselor in the preceding year. This role allowed her the honor of supporting the inaugural graduating class through their college application process. Demonstrating her dedication to student achievement, Jennifer embarked on a journey of exploration, visiting 11 different colleges across the Midwest during the past summer.

Jennifer’s academic background includes a B.A. in Education from Rollins College and an M.A. in Counseling from Chicago State University. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds fulfillment in travel and leading an active lifestyle. Juggling her professional responsibilities with her role as a parent to three children, she eagerly participates in sports and embraces the vibrant opportunities her city has to offer.

As the new school year approaches, Jennifer Newberry is enthusiastic about the opportunities it holds for both her and the Upper School Students.