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Eric Totheroh


Upper School Math Teacher

Upper School

Eric Totheroh

Eric is incredibly excited to return for his second year at Bennett. After graduating with a degree in Secondary Mathematics Education from Grace College, Eric spent 3 years running the Step One Alternative Program at Warsaw Community High School helping meet the needs of students labeled at risk of not graduating high school. While working in the Step One program, Eric worked to connect students to their communities in meaningful ways, helping students create a vision for themselves beyond high school and be a home base for students who may not have felt at home in school previously.

After moving to Chicago in 2017 to pursue comedy, Eric continued working in alternative education as a math teacher at Jane Addams High School, consistently ranked as one of the top alternative schools in the city. Here Eric was able to further pursue his passion for bringing real-world, applicable projects into the math classroom, offering experiential learning opportunities to a student population often neglected by the traditional education system. Outside of the classroom, Eric continues to pursue his passions of writing and performing comedy, as well as playing basketball, tennis, and any other sport he can convince his friends to play.