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Carmen Suárez


Early Childhood and Lower School Spanish Teacher

Early Childhood, Lower School

Carmen Suárez 1

Carmen’s unwavering passion centers on Second Language Acquisition, employing immersive techniques to give students comprehensible input. Her commitment lies in nurturing their confidence and proficiency, fostering steady growth. With over a decade of experience, she has adeptly guided learners of diverse ages, from children to adults, in mastering the Spanish language. Carmen’s work extends beyond the classroom – as a Lead Teacher, she has honed her craft and served as a mentor to fellow educators within the realm of a private school.

Remaining at the forefront of language pedagogy is a priority for Carmen. She actively engages in continuous professional development by attending influential educational conferences and collaborating with peers in the dynamic field of world languages. This dedication ensures she delivers the most effective and innovative teaching practices.

Carmen’s academic journey boasts a Bachelor of Arts in Literary Studies from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, in her native Colombia, where her academic exploration also encompassed photography, radio, and television. Building on this diverse foundation, she earned a Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish from the University of Illinois at Chicago, solidifying her expertise in language instruction.

Carmen’s versatile background led her to embark on a unique endeavor in collaboration with the Colombian Ministry of Culture. For six weeks, she immersed herself in an indigenous tribe in the Amazon region, assuming roles as writer-recorder and photographer. This experience enriched her understanding of indigenous dietary traditions, adding depth to her cultural insights.

Carmen’s skill set extends beyond the classroom, as she has contributed her meticulous touch to freelance Spanish text editing. Her dedication goes beyond linguistic intricacies – she is enthusiastic about sharing cultural nuances associated with the Spanish language.

Bennett Day School resonates deeply with Carmen, as it provides an inclusive and nurturing environment. Beyond being a platform for Spanish language proficiency, it fosters rich cultural competence. Carmen is invigorated by the prospect of nurturing forward-thinking students with a global perspective, making Bennett Day School the ideal canvas for her innovative and enriching educational approach.