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Jie-Qi (Jackie) Chen

Professor, Erikson Institute

Jackie Chen

Jie-Qi has worked in early childhood classrooms in both China and the United States. For more than 20 years she has contributed to teacher professional development efforts in Boston and Chicago Public Schools. Currently, she serves as the principal investigator for the Early Mathematics Education Project at the Erikson Institute.

A Fulbright Senior Specialist and an applied child development specialist, Jie-QI’s work focuses on cognitive development, multiple intelligences theory, classroom assessment, early mathematics education, and school-based intervention. She authored the multiple intelligences entries for The Encyclopedia of Education (2nd ed., 2002) and for The International Encyclopedia of Early Childhood Education (2007). Her work also includes assessment and curriculum development for Head Start programs and several books on Multiple Intelligence in collaboration with Howard Gardner. Jie-Qi has a Ph.D. in Applied Child Development from Tufts University, a MA in Early Childhood Education from University of Northern Iowa, and a BA in Child Development and Early Education from Beijing Normal University.