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Teaching & learning don’t just live at school!

We invite families to snap & share photos of informal Math and Language activities to help others discover how educational content can arise at home. We’ll share pics broadly to inspire others to learn at home. Read more here in our blog.

Examples of Family PBL:


Fun with Food

We use measuring cups in cooking projects at home. We use the marks and symbols on these measuring spoons to help with the math. Do you ever measure when you cook?

Please notice

  • Simple photos show educational moments
  • No faces or identifying items are shown
  • Teachers will edit/write the final caption

Create a Math Game!

We sometimes make up math games with all of the buttons in our collection. This math game uses dice, buttons, and paper pockets. Do you ever make up games at home?

Please notice

  • Uses of cultural items are encouraged 
  • Family-to-family sharing feels personal
  • Objects don’t need to be exact to inspire

Diversity & Identity

Diversity and identity are important in our family. We sometimes talk about how people do not look the same, and they don't organize things in the same way. Do you sometimes discuss diversity at home?

Please notice

  • Everyday objects can help illustrate ideas 
  • DEI themes are always encouraged
  • Family PBL can spark reflection

Share Your Moments of Family PBL!

We'd love to see how the examples on this page inspire your family! Send us your photos for a chance to be featured below.

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