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Bobby Starks

Director of Athletics and Co-Curriculars

Bobby Starks is a dynamic leader driven by a deep commitment to youth development. He has over two decades of expertise in the area of sports and recreation. Bobby joins the Bennett Day school community as the former Director of Athletics at Francis W. Parker, where he dedicated nine years to building and growing their athletic program.

Prior to his tenure at Francis W. Parker, Bobby served as the Associate Athletics Director for Facilities and Operations at Chicago State University. In this role, he managed various departmental functions, including sports information, athletic facilities, logistics and transportation, athletics training, and game day operations. Additionally, Bobby developed and administered their campus recreation program.
Bobby began his career serving at the Chicago Park District, where he administered sports and recreational programming throughout the city. He earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Western Illinois University, followed by a Master’s in Business Administration from DePaul University.

Bobby played football at the University of Tennessee where he won two Southeastern Conference (SEC) championships, a national championship, and was a teammate of Peyton Manning. He was also named to the Southeastern Conference All Academic Football Team. He finished his intercollegiate career at Western Illinois University where he won a Gateway Conference championship and was also named to the Gateway Conference All-Academic Football Team. He had a brief professional career playing in the Arena Football League.