How Seminars Work

  1. In the winter prior to a school year, the faculty team assesses the strengths and needs of students.
  2. Faculty meet with students to talk about their collective interests and passions.
  3. Faculty and students co-design a year of seminars on a wide range of topics that develop core skills and knowledge while simultaneously appealing to studentsā€™ collective interests.

Some courses that would make up a given year of seminars might include topics such as:

  • Hamliton: A History and A Performance
  • The Science of Good Music
  • The Sociology of Modern Media and Technology
  • App Design Using Python
  • Forensic Science
  • A World History of Terrorism and Counterterrorism
  • The Financially Prepared Professional
  • Digital Photography
  • The Philosophy and Math of Paradox and Infinity
  • The History and Science of Film Production
  • Writing for the Stage and Screen
  • Understanding Big Data
  • Becoming an Artist/Entrepreneur
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning: Multivariable Calculus
  • Journalism in an Era of Fake News

Blended Learning at Bennett Day

Goal of Blended Learning at Bennett Day

Blended learning will provide every Bennett Day learner with the opportunity to connect with learning opportunities outside the building. Online learning supplements the Bennett Day experience by providing content and instruction in virtually any area a student would find relevant and carve a learning pathway unique to themselves with support from Bennett Day faculty.

Advantages of Blended Learning


How It Works

  1. You Match our online offerings to your learning desires in consultation with your Advisor
  2. Bennett Day connects you with Online Instructor
  3. You and your advisor meet in person to support your onlineĀ learning
  4. Once you complete a course, you publicly demonstrate the competencies you acquired (in person or in your portfolio)