School Schedule

The Bennett Day School year contains three trimesters of approximately twelve weeks each. During those trimesters, students typically participate in a long-term cross-curricular project and two “studios,” which are subject-specific courses allowing students to dive deep into topics of interest. All students also participate in at least one trimester-long internship during their high school career. Learn more about what a student's day might look like here.

Level of Instruction

Each learning experience contains instruction at the highest academic level. We partner with universities, businesses and nonprofits to both instruct and evaluate student work and students must demonstrate authentic application of specific, targeted skills to verify that they have acquired the specific skills to thrive at the college level and beyond. We believe this to be the best possible preparation for college and university study, and therefore do not offer AP or Honors curriculum, nor do we use grades.

Authentic learning and accountability provides a rigorous environment that responds quickly to an ever-changing set of criteria for college admissions, and more importantly, an ever-changing world.