Project-Based Learning

At the core of a Bennett Day education is a project-based learning approach. These 10-week long projects, created by our master teachers, are designed specifically to help learners develop the skils necessary for completion of the Bennett Day Competency Map.

Each trimester, students participate in cross-curricular project-based learning experiences. Based on principles of High Quality Project-Based Learning, experiences are designed by our teachers and provide authentic, rigorous learning experiences that match those within the adult world. These projects are vetted against our competency map to insure that the content matches the goals and standards we have for Bennett Day School students.

A typical project-based learning experience last several hours per day over an entire trimester.

Public Demonstrations of Learning

At the conclusion of each trimester, all students participate in a public demonstration of learning. These will occur in the evening and is open to all Bennett Day School community members. During that public demonstration, students will share with the public the products of their projects, internships, and seminars. These are followed by reflection sessions, in which students will reflect on their trimester learning for a panel of teachers and fellow students, including their advisor.

These public demonstrations of learning allow learners to prove that they have developed the essential skills necessary to proceed through Bennett Day School.