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Bennett Live offers engaging media programming with a mission to inspire young designers, creators, and makers through project-based learning. 

Designed to advance a child’s creativity and their development as lifelong learners and leaders, Bennett Live is a Bennett Labs creation for children and families everywhere.

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What is Reggio Emilia?

Reggio Emilia is a student-centered and self-guided learning experience that allows students to learn by experiencing, reflecting, and creating in a relationship-driven environment. Time, space, and natural light are key elements in a Reggio-inspired experience that facilitate learning and exploration.

Learn more: What is Reggio Emilia?


What is Project-Based Learning?

Project-based learning (PBL) is a deeper form of learning that offers many educational benefits and is proven to be effective for many students. PBL encourages students to work on long-term projects through a hands-on approach. The educational content is organically placed so students absorb the information in a very natural way.

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11 am-12 pm (CST) Monday-Friday: Creative Play with Mrs. Cunningham
for PreK – Grade 1 (Ages 3-6)

Creative Play with Mrs. Cunningham is a Reggio Emilia-inspired creative and play-based exploration program for PreK to Grade 1 (Ages 3-6) where students can explore ideas and investigate the world they live in. 

Each day Mrs. Cunningham inspires curiosity through home-based provocations and creative play, inspiring students to explore and develop their creative thinking. Children can join Mrs. Cunningham on a daily journey of creativity, stories, and play. 

I’m inspired to wonder and create with Mrs. Cunningham today! Are you?

Watch, Play, and Create Today!

Week 1: Lines and Shapes

Week 1 Learning Guide for Parents & Educators

Episode 1: How Lines Create Shapes!

Episode 2: Stories with Lines & Shapes

Episode 3: Lines & Shapes with Playdough

Episode 4: Stamping Shapes

Episode 5: Watercolors & Shapes

Week 2: Recycle, Reuse and Create

Week 2 Learning Guide for Parents & Educators

Episode 6: Matching & Memory Game

Episode 7: A Boat that Floats

Episode 8: Painting without a Paintbrush

Episode 9: A Cereal Puzzle

Episode 10: The Number Shaker Game

Week 3: Animal Habitats
Week 4: Creative Collages

Week 4 Learning Guide for Parents & Educators

Episode 16. Creative Collages

Episode 17: My Name in Collage

Episode 18: Food Collages

Episode 19: Collaging at Home

Episode 20: A Nature Collage

Week 5: The World of Color

Week 5 Learning Guide for Parents & Educators

Episode 21. The Color Wheel

Episode 22: Color in Nature

Episode 23: The Color of Us

Episode 24: A Colorful History

Episode 25: Having Fun with Color

Week 6: Nature

Week 6 Learning Guide for Parents & Educators

Episode 26: Rocks in Nature

Episode 27: Nature Paintbrushes

Episode 28: Playdough and Nature

Episode 29: A Boat from Nature

Episode 30: Play in Nature

Week 7: Creative Ideas

Week 7 Learning Guide for Parents & Educators

We Return to Episode 1 – How Lines Create Shapes!

Episode 31: Where does an idea come from?

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Episode 32: A Map Idea

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Episode 33: Picture Ideas

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Episode 34: Play Ideas

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Creative Play Music

Episode 25: “Colors,” By Mr. Granquist & Mrs. Cunningham

About Mrs. Cunningham

For the past decade, Mrs. Cunningham has enjoyed being an educator in Early Childhood classrooms in the Chicagoland area, actively participating in the exploration and growth of many young children. Mrs. Cunningham completed her undergraduate at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. After spending some time in the classroom, she went back to study Child Development, receiving her Master’s Degree from Erikson Institute in 2017. While teaching, Mrs. Cunningham has always valued the importance of nurturing a child’s innate curiosity in the early stages of their developmental learning. This school year, she has been spending time at home with her one-year-old son, often in awe of his own development and growth from a parent’s lens. She misses the classroom and the teacher-student connection, and is looking forward to exploring and having fun with Bennett Live!

2-3 pm (CST) Monday-Friday: Exploring with Mr. Reynolds
for Grades 2-6 (Ages 7-12)

Exploring with Mr. Reynolds is a creative, problem-solving program for Grades 2-6 (Ages 7-12) where students can explore their ideas and investigate the world around them. 

Each day, Mr. Reynolds inspires curiosity and home-based exploration for students in their homes all over the world. Students will be invited to learn about ideas, explore problems and materials and apply their knowledge. Children can join Mr. Reynolds on a daily journey of discovery, making and creative problem-solving.  

I wonder what ideas and problems we will explore with Mr. Reynolds today!

Watch, Explore, and Create Today!

Week 1: Design Thinking
Week 2: Storytelling

Week 2 Learning Guide for Parents & Educators

Episode 6: Storytelling

Episode 7: Character Development

Episode 8: Props & Set Design

Episode 9: Puppet Making

Episode 10: Pop-up Books

Week 3: Design Challenges

Week 3 Learning Guide for Parents & Educators

Episode 11: Marble Mazes

Episode 12: Paper Towers

Episode 13: Spaghetti Strength

Episode 14: Landmark Design with Teacher Friends

Episode 15: Catapults

Week 4: Science in the Natural World

Week 4 Learning Guide for Parents & Educators

Episode 16: Cell Anatomy

Episode 17: Elements

Episode 18: Patterns in Nature

Episode 19: Molecular Structure

Episode 20: Constellations

Week 5: Exploring Technology
Week 6: Game & Puzzle Design

Week 6 Learning Guide for Parents & Educators

Episode 26: Table Games

Episode 27: Visual Puzzle Making

Episode 28: Song Writing 

Episode 29: Algorithms

Episode 30: Collaborative Game Design

Week 7: Active Play

Week 7 Learning Guide for Parents & Educators

We Return to Episode 1: Design Thinking

Episode 31: Lawn Games

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Episode 32: Kinesiology

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Episode 33: Sports

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Episode 34: Ball Game Design

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About Mr, Reynolds

Mr. Reynolds is an experienced educational leader and an award-winning classroom teacher with over 15 years of experience in making, creating and project-based learning with children in the elementary grades. He completed his undergraduate at Valparaiso University with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, and at Loyola University, he received his Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. A founding member of the Bennett Day School educational team and TinkerLab curator, Mr. Reynolds adopts an integrated approach to teaching and learning, incorporating technology into student research, presentation, communication, and assessment for enhanced outcomes. He sees his role as a guide, learning with children as they express their understanding through a hundred languages of learning and more. Mr. Reynolds is a creative problem-solver with a passion for student-centered inquiry and is inspired by making, problem-solving and design thinking. He is a natural explorer and loves discovering new ways to create, build and design the world around us. 

About Bennett Labs

Bennett Labs is a learning innovation and development lab embedded in the life of the school committed to advancing creativity and innovation in family, adult and educator learning experiences.

Our mission is to uncover and advance creativity and innovation in learning, and to create experiences that foster the development of lifelong learners and leaders. In collaboration with design, learning, and technology partners, we are committed to all learners as co-designers in the learning experience, to creativity and innovation occurring naturally and collaboratively between people, and to the sharing of learning innovations with the wider community.

We work to accelerate family, adult and educator learning, connect innovators and incubate creations through a progressive approach to learning and educational design

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