Bennett Grant FAQs

Can I submit my Bennett Grant application after the deadline?
Bennett Grant applications submitted to FACTS Grant and Aid after the deadlines will be considered based on availability of funds. Families who have submitted applications by the deadlines have first priority.
Who will have access to my Bennett Grant records?
All financial documents, including W2 and additional tax records, are submitted directly to FACTS Grant and Aid.

The Bennett Grant committee has sole access to the FACTS applications. The School does not keep hard copies of any financial records submitted to FACTS. Applications and awards are kept completely confidential.

Does the school offer aid for any fees in addition to tuition?
There is an opportunity for you to include information about auxiliary program needs and request in your FACTS application. Participation in all aspects of school life is a part of our Bennett Grants commitment to all families.
Is tuition at Bennett Day School eligible for the K-12 Education Expense Credit?
It is possible that your tuition fees are eligible for a K-12 Education Expense Credit. Please contact your tax advisor for details and information on eligibility.
Does a Bennett Grant award for one academic year guarantee the same award the following year?
Bennett Grants are an ongoing commitment between the school and our families. The school anticipates that Bennett Grants will follow the child throughout their school career, reflective of the families’ need and circumstances.
Will my Bennett Grant award eligibility change from year to year?
Bennett Grant awards take into consideration employment, income, and family circumstances, which may change from year to year. Each year that you apply for Bennett Grants, all of these factors will play a part in determining eligibility for aid and award amounts.
How much does it cost to apply for a Bennett Grant through FACTS?
The FACTS application fee is $30 and is valid for all of your children that are enrolled or are applying in a given year. You will need to pay this fee each year that you apply for Bennett Grants through FACTS.
How do I submit my application to FACTS?
You will submit all required documents, including your federal income tax return, including all schedules, W-2s and 1099s, to FACTS Grant and Aid. These documents can be sent by mail or submitted via the online application to FACTS.